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Do You Want To Get A Collection Of TOP
40 Kits From Platinum Producers... 

....and Be Inspired to Create Billboard-Ready 
Music That Artists Will LOVE?


If you'd like to fill your hard drive with 40 top exclusive Royalty-Free Loop Packs, Construction Kits, Drum Kits & Presets of the world's most successful producers, read this now.
I have a question for you...

Did you know that the secret behind the most successful music producers ISN'T necessarily talent, skills, intelligence or luck?

It all comes down to one thing:

Having the RIGHT sounds 👈

My name is Adrian... some of you will know me as Anno Domini...

...but those of you who don't will have heard my music in video games, TV shows, films or commercials by MTV, Sony or Coca-Cola.

I've been blessed with over 2 billion song plays.

And have worked with most of my childhood idols including 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan, Tech N9ne and Rick Ross.
But it wasn't always like this.

Today I want to let you in on a secret...

Once I shifted from using factory default, crappy sounds that everyone else was using... and plugged the right sounds into my DAW...

My career as a music producer literally took off.

I Started As A
"Bedroom Producer"

Barely being noticed by anyone.

Literally crashing on the couch in my grandma's living room.

To tell you the truth:
I was a nobody in the music scene.

Living in the middle of nowhere in a tiny town in Germany.

But within a few years I was able to turn everything around, make a full-time living as a music producer, move to Los Angeles and experience everything I always dreamed of in my early years.

I Turned Myself Into
A Billboard-Charting Multi-Platinum Producer

How did I do it?

Not the way most people think.

I don't work harder than most producers... and I'm honestly NOT that smart, talented or gifted.

I wish I could take credit for my success.

But the truth is...

Almost Anyone Can 
Do What I Do

Early on in my career I discovered ONE thing...

All successful music producers have a hard drive filled with high-quality, "next level" drum samples, loops and presets.

Name any producer.

And I can name the exact kits, sound banks they're using.

From Hip Hop to Lo-Fi, Trap, Drill, R&B, Neo Soul, Pop, Electronic and beyond...

It's crazy how few people are aware of this.

Those who know the industry from the inside... know that the most successful producers don't attempt to reinvent the wheel...

Why do you think a lot of hit songs sound similar?

Because The Majority Of ALL Billboard Producers Use...

...The Same Or Similar Drum Kits, Loops, Presets
And Sound Effects...

Sure, they all have their unique style.

They're not compromising their artistic integrity or creativity because there's still the arrangement and modulation of sounds.

But there's certain sounds that everyone uses.
❓ How many times have you listened to the radio lately and recognized a loop from somewhere else? 

❓ How many times have you heard the same 808 drum hit or chord sequence?

❓ The truth is without access to those sounds you're never even going to be able to play in the same league as the most successful music producers.
Think of it like this:
If you want to be a Michelin Star chef.

You need access to the same high-quality ingredients, spices, foods and cooking equipment as the world's most successful chefs.

It's the same with music production.

Want To Play In The Same League?

Make your hard drive look like theirs.
If you're still using factory default, crappy sounds that every amateur producer is using... you might as well close your SoundCloud, cancel your BeatStars account and delete your DAW.

You'll never become a big shot in the music production scene today. That's the bad news.

The good news?

There's a stupid simple fix for all of this (that most people don't see...)

The painfully obvious truth is...

You need access to the same suppliers who create all the drum kits, melody loops and sound banks for all the big producers.

The only problem is: That can cost you a small fortune.
And many of these sounds you can't get publicly.

That's where I step in.

I Have Unprecedented Access To The Top 40 Billboard-Ready Kits...

...The Platinum Producers Are Using Right Now

As a multi-platinum music producer and owner of a distribution platform (Modern Producers) I have access to all of these kits, sounds and plugins, and most of the suppliers are good friends of mine.

I thought why not do something special.

Something to bring the music producer community forward and make sure no matter where you're at, you'll have access to the same sounds and same opportunities.

That's why I decided to put together a bundle containing the most in-demand, billboard-ready sounds in the game right now.


 The "Billboard Bundle"

Only the most exclusive and in-demand kits that are guaranteed to take your music production to the next level.

They were created by some of the top sound designers, engineers and fellow platinum producers in the world.

Best of all, every single sound is 100% royalty-free meaning you can use them in your productions for licensing, sales, placements etc.

The kits, loops and presets (that all work across PC and Mac) are of the highest quality and cover a big range of genres and styles that are perfect for every kind of producer. 

Whether you produce Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Trap, R&B, Neo Soul, Pop, Electronic or something else.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

Preview ALL of The Sounds Here:

Billboard Loop & Sample Kits

Aurora Melodies

($39.99 Value)

Flame ON

($39.99 Value)

Loop Empire

($39.99 Value)


($39.99 Value)
(MIDI & Loop Kit)


($39.99 Value)
(MIDI & Loop Kit)


($39.99 Value)
(MIDI & Loop Kit)

Eastworld Loop Kit

($29.99 Value)

Imperial Loop Kit

($29.99 Value)

Loop Diggers

($15 Value)

Masters Of Horror

($29.95 Value)

Western Movie Melodies

($29.95 Value)

Pop Melodies

($39.99 Value)

Soul Synth Keys

($39.99 Value)

Ultimate Midi Collection

($200.00 Value)

Inspiring Chords 2

($29.99 Value)

15 Top Billboard-Ready Loop & Sample Kits

Value: $684.79

Billboard Construction Kits

Drill Blues

($19.99 Value)

Drill Soul

($19.99 Value)

Slap House 2

($19.99 Value)

Billie 3

($29.99 Value)

Blessed Again

($19.99 Value)

Drill Time

($19.99 Value)

Illsamples 2

($29.99 Value)


($19.99 Value)

West Is Back

($19.99 Value)

Trap Fi Bundle

($150.00 Value)

Gooba Trap Bundle

($150.00 Value)


($19.99 Value)

Latin Vibes

($24.99 Value)

13 Top Billboard-Ready Construction Kits

Value: $574.89

Billboard Instruments & Presets

Dark Winter

($34.99 Value)
(Omnisphere Bank)


($34.99 Value)
(Omnisphere Bank)

Black Swan 2

($34.99 Value)
(Omnisphere Bank)


($12.99 Value)
(Drum Pack)


($35.00 Value)
(Serum Preset Bank)


($59.99 Value)
(Kontakt Library)


($59.99 Value)
(Kontakt Library)

Select 808s

($59.99 Value)
(Kontakt Library)

Night Fall Electra X

($22.00 Value)
(Sound Bank)

Far Beyond Electra X

($22.00 Value)
(Sound Bank)


($19.99 Value)
(Drum Collection)

Ethnic Vocals Kit

($19.99 Value)
(Sound Bank)

12 Top Billboard-Ready Instruments & Presets

Value: $416.91

TOTAL VALUE: $1,676.59

...The Top Billboard Producers Are Using Right Now

You receive instant access to all of the above kits, sound banks and VSTs when you get your Billboard Bundle today.

If you do the math:

All of these kits are worth $1,676.59 total.

If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I want to fill your hard drive with enough kits, sound banks and VST's for this year and well beyond that...

I'm talking years of sound supply!

It's time to hook our producer community UP and get on a level playing field with the platinum producers.

Here's What
To Do Next 👇

If you'd like to get 40 Billboard-Ready Loop Collections, Sample Packs, Preset Banks and Drum Kits...

You have to get my Billboard Bundle.

However, I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the $1,676.59 for everything in the bundle you'll be receiving... in fact...

You can get everything for just $47 one-time.

That's over 97% OFF....
But the way I see it.
This bundle won't "cost" you anything.

Here's why.

The moment your hard drive is filled with all these sounds, you'll get more song plays, streams and more people will buy your music.

This bundle will pay for itself as soon as you start using the right sounds.

I've seen it happen again and again.

$47... that's about the price of 1 or 2 beat leases!

Or your income from about 20,000 streams on Spotify!

And you can make 100s of beats and sell them with these sounds...

As well as earning streaming income, collecting royalties and landing placements with artists, labels, TV shows, films, video games and so on.

I've personally been able to get to $100,000 a month as a producer with the help of the right sounds...

Now I'm not saying that to brag, or that that's typical.

I just want you to see what's possible and to accept that you too can turn your music into a full-time career that doesn't just pay the bills...

Ready to jump on board?

If you feel like this is right for you, click the button below, and get instant access to the Billboard Bundle 2021.

Now, you and I both know that I'll get a ton of interest from this bundle, and that's why you need to listen to this next part carefully:



As much as I'd like to give the Billboard Bundle to everyone, I simply can't give it to more than a hand-full of music producers.

I prefer to keep the sounds exclusive in order for you to get the most benefits from the bundle. 

Besides, the value of this thing is insane and if I always gave away content at this sort of a discount I'd go out of business real fast.

I do however want to share these sounds with deserving producers, but I actually don't want EVERYONE to get their hands on them and would rather help a smaller group of producers that really want to level up...

That being said... This is a genuinely rare opportunity.
Please be aware that there are over 109,760 people on my email list.

And another 132,000 people on my Facebook & Instagram pages.

I know this will hit capacity really fast.

If you feel like this is right for you, click the button below and get instant access to the Billboard Bundle...

Downloads are granted on a first-come, first served basis.
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